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Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
5:27 pm
And its been a while
It's been amazingly long since the last time I updated this chose. Most important things first, since I spoke to you all, I finally work things our with the secret crush I had and all turned out well. I'm now more than happily involved/ in a relationship with her. She's truly amazing, I don't think I've ever been happier in my life, to be honest. It's been an incredible almost 5 months already and she's been the best person in the universe. I'm amazed by how much I love this girl, its truly surprising and fulfilling.

I apologize for the rant but she I just can't stop thinking about her. I'm now at brown, living it up. Life is good, classes are better second semester. I went to Colombia for 3 weeks, that was quite fun, a lot warmer then over here in the states. Jeez its been cold. Dan's birthday is on Friday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN, you get older by the year. I'ma try to take a trip over there.

Well I just wanted to mostly tell the world about/ the people of live journal about the most beautiful, intelligent, amazing, wonderful, inspiring girl, lady, woman that I've come to love more than I ever thought possible.


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Friday, July 23rd, 2004
3:07 pm
YES!!!!! SCORE 1 for EMT Jorge!!!! Today I got my official EMT card, now I can legally save people lives. YES!!!!!! INCREDIBLY HAPPY!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL. EMT JORGE, boo yea! I love it.

PS Many apologies for lack of posting, but YES! I WIN for NOW!

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Sunday, April 11th, 2004
3:08 am
Finally home after ambu-ing for god knows how long (9 30 am on sat), god what a crazy day. Today I learned some things. First, its so hard to take BP on a moving ambulance, with all the noise and the bumps, jeez, it sucks. Second, having the right size gloves is key, cuz you look stupid unable to fit your hand in small gloves. Third, having the right partners is key, cuz it sucks when the supposed pros do to stuff wrong and youre stuck there like ummm i dont think thats the way it goes and you dont really want to say anything cuz then again you are the student. Fourth, its so hard to put someone on a backboard whos sitting in a chair, and damn hard to carry down the stairs at Shea. In addition, Shea will be tiring, madd walking. But most importantly, I learned truly how much responsibility comes with being EMT like and such and how much the person depends on you and your knowledge and ability to handle the situation. It's definitely not somthin you can just wing. So, though Im strangely not tired, tho I should be, I think its probably still a little adrenaline rush from the last call, today was an overall positive days, full of some negatives which turned out to be positives.

Meanwhile, update on my college stuff, still undecided, Im dead, thats all I can say, dead!

And then I think its the fatigue getting to me, but that mystery girl keeps popping into my head, left and right. It's good in some sense, but bad in others. Ill have to admit that as some have said crushes suck, well sometimes, cuz theres some enjoyment in them, but after awhile they just suck. Suck, I say! But in the end, its up and down with stuff like this.

Oh, on a another note, I think all mets fans as well as other Shea stadium goers, shoudl truly appreciate the stadium because theres lots of work put into it. Ive seen it first hand and let me tell you, people work hard to make the stadium look its best, so appreciate it. BUt not as much as Yankee stadium, of course, thats a given tho.

Wow, now im tired, good ole lj updating, always makes me tired, aye.

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
9:02 pm
Again, I have been summoned to post. Well tis been good days for Jorge these past few weeks: bday, getting in to college, fun times all around. I'd like to thank all the people that made my birthday such a wonderful day, really, it was so great and I thank you all so much. Thanks. Oh that was a good day. IN addition Id like to thank all those who supported me during my pre college letter days, when I was freaking out at times. Thank you to you too, I would have never made without you. So thanks all around to everyone.

Today, first baseball game against POly, lets just say we lost a lot to a little (15-1). It wasnt all that bad we just had a tough first inning and our hitting was lacking. I did not help the situation striking out once and then walking. I was crap. Then I freakin jumped for a line drive up the middle and just barely missed it, it nicked my glove, I Was so damn angry. It's funny cuz earlier in the day when I was measure for my gown, Ms. Mangan was like ooo you just missed 5 5, but then when i complained about it, she put me down as 5 5 in an attempt to be nice. very sad/ funny. I wish we had a game tomorrow, I'm so ready to keep playing, I'm so pumped to play, it was so great today even tho we lost, for the first time in a long time, I wasnt crazy nervous for a game and after it I didnt feel bad, I felt good and wanted to keep playing. Can't wait till monday, game against trevor day should be better.

YEsterday I saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre at dans, with some friends it was good times, even though it turned into jorge bashing day, I had so much crap thrown at me ncluding a large pack of gum and then my shoe laces where untied and knotted up. It was horrible, I went home and cried as I unknotted my laces. NO, i lie, it was madd fun, a bit too fun if you ask me. But while talkin to people, prom came up and apparently people are pairing up and buyin stuff for it. I was surprised cuz I was in the dark about the whole thing. Now I have to think of possibly "dates" for the prom, its so crazy. But hopefully it will all be fun times.

Oh yesterday night, I spoke online to my cousin who ihavent spoken to in a while and havent seen in like 8 years and it was so exciting, just ask natacha how excited I was. It was great, shes really great, we had so many good times. Its kinda like we picked up right where we left off because I just started telling her about everything and its like I remade a really good friend and now I have a good out of skoool outlet who I can talk to about anything. In addition, she adds another female perspective on things, which is key. Oh I forgot to mention she lives in Bogota, Colombia, sorry thats kinda key.

Meanwhile, Im tryin to make the big college decision. Even tho one of the collges is f-ing being annoyin about finan aid, so I hope it all works out and they give me good money so I can focus on deciding and really making a decision. My parents really want me to stay in the city tho, and its hard to deal with that somtimes I guess, tho they're not pressuring me that much. It'll all work out in the end tho.

Also, regarind the mystery girl as some kno her. i dunno about her, shes I duno, confusing, even tho I kinda dont want the ("majigger") to come back, it might be kinda, but actually not, its up and down really. I dunno its a tough situation. But I must say my cousin has added much needed help with the situation, good ole cousin never lets me down.

Ok, bam, i wrote as much as i could manage now, theres something left prolly, we'll see. Well pardon any errors I made and till later.

Current Mood: crazy

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Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
11:14 pm
Some have complained about my lack of posting, so I figure I'll post something. Slowly yet surely, my amount of free time is decreasing. EMT class has started, its ok so far. The lady lectures us and go pretty fast, I feel like I'm in snooks class again. Last time she popped out a 3 hour class in an 1 or so. On the positive, I got a stethoscope and am gettin a BP Cuff which is kool. I'll get to practice taking blood pressure. Next time we get to use the different transport equipment and I have a quiz. It'll be crazy. Adding to the positive, my ambulance time will go up because I'm no longer just CPR certified, now I'm an EMT student, so I get to ride the ambu more which is fun. (in the EMT book there are some nasty pics, ill have to bring in to show people).


The next two days seem promising, mr Dilley and Ms Devitt not gonna be there, that means two party time frees. And then the weekend, that also seems promising, full of movies, interview, ambu, emt class and damn utopia essay.

I realized today that when I get home early, my afternoon is filled with failed attempts to do work. In order words, I kinda start stuff but I dont finish it. I also realized that if I were in any of the AP sciences classes right now, I'd be dying. Good ole ap physics last year, when I still had that drive to work.

Ahhh good times

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Sunday, January 18th, 2004
10:24 pm
Yea, midterms... you know what its about.

Damn i got home at liek 5 am last night from ambu time, wtf, i was dispatching till like 3. Then at the end this random guy came and was like "I was to call police, I was beat up" and we're like..WHAAAAA? ANd so we brought him into the based and called 911, and then when we told him to talk to the 911 person, he got angry and was like " I fucking hate this and stormed out" (in spanish). It was madd scary and so we locked up the based and left. One of the guys got really paranoid and feared that the guy woudl come back and shoot us. That was scary. But it was good times all around. I went to sleep at 6 by the way. Oh and I wont have any more weekends starting in February, my EMT class is gonna be like all day Sunday. So it'll be Saturday night volunteering and SUnday classes, thats gonna suck, but in a good way, watever that means. I'm madd pumped for the class, tho. It'll be good times.


I think this will be the longest week ever, ever, ever, I say. At the end of it, there will be madd partying and celebrating of some sort.

BY the way dan, clean your damn room, jeesus, quit living in your own filth and feces. Seriously, clean it.

Damn I gotta finish this scholarship thing and the questions suck, they are like generic questions that suck ass. "What subject challenge you? blah, blah blah." Jeesus give me somthign better to write about.

In the end, "I am the eggman, they are the eggmen and I am the Walrus, koo koo kachoom"

Current Mood: mellow

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Sunday, December 14th, 2003
2:16 am
To Everyone who is Sick
Feel better everyone who is sick, like me. You will all get better soon. ANd it'll be good times again. Smile, Smile Smile, its the way to go. Its 2 am and i just back from ambu time. Man, I am tired. I have so much work and crap to do. I've gonna die soon, and then ill need an ambu. But I enjoyed ambu, I dont feel right posting the stories of ambu time I have, so just ask about them and I'll tell you. Man, I'ma hit that thing which I call my bed and stop writing on my "lj". AGAIN FEEL BETTER EVERYONE WHO IS SICK. THIKN ABOUT IT ITS BETTER TO BE SICK NOW< THAN DURING THE HOLIDAYS!!!! LALAA. Goodnight aye.

Current Mood: mellow

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Friday, December 12th, 2003
12:02 pm
Damn it, I think I'm gettin sick, but I cant get sick I have so much work to do, with college apps and all. I hate the flu, which is probably wat it is. DAMn virus, damn mafia. Look at me I'm going to use Jorge's cells to produce more of me, ahaha, im so great and funny, I'm a virus. F-ing virus, it deserves to be shot, by antibodies. I hate it. WILL THIS ENGLISH CLASS EVER END? I wanna go so badly, I'm starting to die slowly. I think its over... YESSS!!!!!!!!! IT IS THANK YOU GOD. IM GONE!!!!!!!1

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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003
12:21 am
Koo Koo Kachoom
I got three hours of sleep last night and it didnt phase me at all. I made it through the day perfectly fine. It was weird, usually, I would be dead and dying in school and probably in a not so good mood. But I was fine, it was crazy, i telll you, crazy. More vacation is needed now, now I say now, why do they tease us and give us a 5 day weekend and then take it all away, and make us have to come back. oh, today after school I swipped my metrocard and the policeman stopped me and asked for ID and where I went to school, cuz I guess he thought I was older and shouldnt have a student pass. But I dont have packer ID or any ID at that, so I was like "uhhh I have my insurance card" and he was like uhhhh, but then something happened or somthing and he was like uhh ok watever here and he ran away. It was weird, but slightly exciting. Now, I could make some connection to the fact that I'm hispanic, but I'm not, I'm just not, you can do it. Oh, i forgot my laptop on monday and like my whole my mom was pretty angry and she made it seem like i always forget my laptop and it was crazy, but then I made believe I was also angry and began to throw my hat and pencils and keys to the ground and we had a good laugh. Good times. Who has his last SAT IIs this saturday, me, me me, finally done forever!!!!!!!! For all those who still have many a standardized test to take, goodspeed friends, goodspeed, specially to those who have to take the new SATs. Thats just roug, not smooth like a baby's bottom. I like beds, beds are nice to me all the time, except for spike beds, but even they can be nice, so now I will go to my spike bed and sleep on spikes, MARSHMALLOW SPIKES. HAHAHAHA!! oh marshmallows may you never end...

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Wednesday, November 19th, 2003
8:06 pm
Hello I'm Jorge, I'm in BC calc, but I cant do simple division. Ok class, whats 78/2? Yes, Jorge, errrr 34 errrr. No you stupid idiot its 39!!! 3 fing 9. Jeesus! Can I be any stupider? The answer is yes. BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING, SHUT UP DAN! Eegad Brain, I gotta fly.

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Tuesday, November 18th, 2003
9:14 pm
OK, seriously, I want to scream. I cant find focus or motivation and i have so much work. Where is the drive?!!! JEsus I feel so frustrated and lost and disoriented, this sucks a lot. I hate it. This is stupid. I growled into a pillow and it didn help at all. I dont know where everything started going down hill, but I want to it to change. IT sucks, I hate this. I have papers and tests and college stuff and I cant. Jesus! I'm hot and I'm cold and I dont know what to do. AHHHHHH! Stupid! I need to stop right now! Just stop! and calm down. Just calm it down, to regular level. It'll all work out in the end. I'ma lay down!

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Monday, November 17th, 2003
8:14 pm
Bam Diggity
Fat man, got me to do this journal stuff. It's kinda weird I think because you are speaking to no one and everyone. that's just crazy. Well anyway watever, he's fat. Uh, I dunno, today was ok, I had Peer support and such, that was madd fun yo. It looks like its gonna be another funfilled year. There was food which is key. I also, watched a video in English which showed how racist the US was and still is. What an eye opener! Its sad to see the world in such a state. I mean, it could all be so much different. Whatever happened to general progress. Damn world, so unfair really. I'm not complaining about what i have at all, but I mean, it could be so much better if we all werent so greedy. And ive gone off on a tangent. Well better get used to it. You know when you dont wanna do somthin and then you do it and then you are like why havent i dont this before. Well thats what happned to me with dance. I love it now, its so fun and exciting and fun. You should all do it. Even you fatty, even you. Man, I gotta work, I dont know how to end this....

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